Top tips for fitting and upgrading lenses

  • Make sure you and your staff are up to date with the latest advances in contact lenses
  • Don't assume the patient is happy if they report no problems with their current lenses
  • Make sure new wearers are completely comfortable with application and removal techniques as this is a frequent source of drop out in the first month of wear.
  • Use careful questioning to elicit specific symptoms
  • Discuss new products and new technology with all patients even if they are satisfied with their lenses
  • Ask them about their work and lifestyle requirements
  • Stress that regular check-ups are important to ensure the best possible lenses are worn
  • Enlist the help of support staff to identify potential candidates for upgrading
  • Relate features to benefits when proposing new products to patients
  • Use visual images to demonstrate the advantages of upgrading
  • Never assume that a patient can't afford better performing products


Asking the right questions

The best way to meet the needs of your patients is to simply ask questions! Simple, needs-based questions can help you discover underlying issues. These questions should be asked when your patients check in and during pre-test.

Print our questionnaires to help you determine the type of contact lenses most suitable for your patients.

Patients new to contact lenses Patients new to contact lenses
Upgrade your existing contact lens patients Upgrade your existing contact lens patients


Educate and offer

Based on how your patients respond to the questionnaire and your evaluation, talk to them about the new products available. Make them aware of the latest developments and discuss the features and benefits of the different lenses available.